medical records always at your fingertips


No Longer Struggle with Medical Forms
Annoyed or having trouble with always having to fill out multiple medical forms for doctors?

Is your Medical Information hard to remember? Are those old surgery dates and innoculation dates hard to recall? Does your doctor want to know about all the medicines you are taking and allergic reactions and you don't recall?

Make your medical visits safer and easier. "MiMi," a small keychain device for storing medical records, can help you remember all the dates and medicines. You can keep your information with you at all times. You can share it with your doctor or hospital or emergency responders. Our doctors have told us they really like it.

Carry Your Medical Records with You
MiMi conveniently keeps your medical information in a small and compact device that can be attached to your keys, or worn on a lanyard around the neck. You have access to your information at all times. You can carry the device with you or you can print out the information to carry with you. Once you have completed your medical history, you never have to go back and redo it unless you are adding new information.

MiMi also stores information about your beloved pet.

MiMi can be used with a PC or Mac-it's up to you.

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Patent Pending 2009